Sunday, October 11, 2009

Operator? I'd Like to Make a Collect Call

This email from my sister Michelle was so wonderful, I had to get permission (from her and from Mom) to post it here. She wrote it to my siblings after taking Mom to a doctor appt. For the record, Mom is fine, but she's been having some trouble breathing (maybe a touch of pneumonia), so they wanted her to come in for some tests. [Logan and Caden are Michelle's boys.]

I ended up taking Mom to her breathing test today. I'm sure glad I did; she is such a hoot! I love how she can just talk to total strangers and instantly put smiles on their faces. Her outlook and attitude are so inspiring, as you all know. When I got there, right away, we entered the elevator with two other women. One of the women pushes the button for the second floor and Mom says, "OK - I'll let you drive, as long as you don't get us lost." What an awesome quality to have - the ability to make a stranger laugh. Many people will just enter an elevator and stare up at the numbers, feeling awkward.

Maybe Logan has Mom's elevator skills. I remember years ago, when Dad had his heart attack. The boys and I were heading up to see him in the hospital elevator. Logan was about 4 years old? A stranger in the elevator with us wasn't holding onto the hand railing inside. Logan sternly said, "You better hold on to that; you're gonna fall down and crack your head open!!"

They had Mom get into this breathing box thing...

As usual, Mom was full of jokes. The best was when she first got in; the first thing she said was, "Now, am I allowed to make a long distance phone call?" That was a real LOL! She told me to tell Logan and Caden that she tried to call them, but they didn't answer.

So, yeah, don't worry about Mom. If her sense of humor is any indication, she'll be fine.

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