Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Momma Don't Dance

[Originally posted 10/13/08]

Here's a cute story relayed to me by my sister, Judy. (She heard it from Mom.) Apparently, Mom was in the grocery store when an old Elvis tune was being played on the P.A. She was pushing her cart down the aisle and came upon a man who "looked just like your daddy from the back." Inspired, she called out, "Doesn't this music just make you want to get up and do the jitterbug!?" The man turned to her with a smile, "Would you like to?!" Mom giggled and said, "Oh, sure!" but politely declined. They went on with their shopping, light at heart. At the end of the story, Mom felt it important to add, "Oh, Honey, I just wanted you to know that I wasn't flirting!" (She's such a cutie.)

There'll be no dancing for Mom this week, either, as she fell on Saturday and broke her arm! She's fine, but she'll need a little help taking care of herself. Good thing she has nine kids; there are plenty of kids and grandkids around to help her. And it could have been a lot worse, so I'm not complaining. I just ask that you keep her in your prayers...

Have a great week.

Another Sweet Memory

Remember when your parents used to embarrass the heck out of you? When we were in grade school, Mom always made popcorn balls for Halloween. But she didn't stop there; oh no! Every year, without fail, she dressed up in one of her many ridiculous costumes and delivered the popcorn balls to our classrooms personally. As the morning wore on and the "big moment" approached, my stomach would begin to ache with anxiety. What kind of crazy get-up would she come in this time? What would my classmates think?!

Mom always arrived with a dramatic entrance, singing a "scary" song with great enthusiasm, and dramatic flare, while I crawled under my desk in embarrassment. By the end of her visit, though, I would invariably be sitting up proudly; the other kids impressed by a mother who cared enough to take the time to make the delicious treat and deliver it in such an entertaining manner.

"Your mom is so cool." Munch, munch, munch.

"I know!" Munch, munch, munch.

Nowadays, such homemade treats are frowned upon by Trick-or-Treaters' parents, but we enjoy making caramel corn for our special little goblin friends (or just for the heck of it.) Tonight was one of those "just for the heck of it" nights.

Head over to Mrs.4444 Cooks for the recipe (along with enthusiastic commentary and dramatic flare.)

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