Friday, July 4, 2008

The Origin of My Blog's Title

The title of my blog is inspired by thoughts of my 79-year-old mom, a real character, who is known for her many, many off-beat expressions. When you ask my mom what time it is, she will instantly and cheerfully reply, "Half-past kissing time! Time to kiss again!" (She'll even follow it up with a kiss, if you're up for it!) The line comes from an old song, which neither Mom nor I have ever heard sung. I foudn the lyrics on line, but not the music. I would love to hear it one day...

Say, "Excuse me," (for a particular reason) and Mom will respond, "I'll stink about it!" "Howdy-doody, my sweet patootie!" "Oh, my stars and garters!" "Heavens to Betsy" "Give me a smooch, Pooch!" When a man opens a door for her, she'll chirp, "There's a gentleman in the crowd!" If you tell her, "Have a nice day," Mom will respond, "I'll do my darndest!" If you're looking for something you've misplaced, Mom will offer, "If it had teeth; it'd bite you!" Drop a dish or break a glass? Mom calls out, "Did you drop your watch?!" Say, "See you later..." and she'll reply, "Not if I see you first!"

Thanks, Mom, for your inspiration. Have fun at "the pond!"

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